3 thoughts on “Kangaroo Comics – Episode 5

  1. Papa Kangaroo called “out Mama Kangaroo. It’s almost dinner time and I have not heard from Roo and Kango.” “Did you happen to know where they step out to?” Oh! Don’t forget today is Saturday an all day beach day for students of Wood Edge Elementary. Let me check my calendar. “You are right, they may have plan to meet up with their friends and have a great time.” We’ll get to find out more about their all day beach day by the beach. Mama called “out both Roo and Kango simultaneously.” “There they are!” said Mama Kangaroo to Papa Kangaroo.

    “We both were looking for topics to bring to school on Monday” but they had asked “just for two topics each and diagrams to be included as well.” “I had no clue that you had an assignment to perform while at the beach” said Mama Kangaroo. “Oh, yes.” While we were heading down to the beach, we ran into Mrs. Zeet who reminded us about coming up with topics to share at school on Monday, about our findings at the beach and this information should have been indicated on the notice board, that “they were going to consider it as a contest with results coming out at the end of the week.”

    We both decided “to bring in these life fish, shell shrimp, clam and an oyster to do our show and tell in school on Monday during our biology lessons.” Drawing and taking pictures of these sea species will help in naming their parts and documenting any additional information associated with these living organisms.

    Here is a link to our display to aide narrate our show and tell.


    • We had Mr. Alphaski for our Biology teacher and preferred us to illustrate species by drawing and naming the parts. We went into detailed describing the functions and features of each parts and the differences from other live pieces within what each group collected. Working together kept us focus until when the bell rang and it was time to head home for the day. Not paying attention to the last bell, “we kept on working on our project since biology was our last class for the day” although we had to continue with our afternoon talented and gifted programs in debate and music. Other lesson were offered such as driving aid, basketball and tennis outdoors, keeping most of our classmates in school. There where days when we did not have much to do after school but stayed late since we were scheduled to take the late school bus home from school.
      These where great opportunities to work with our teachers catching up on lessons and expanding on the materials on our own. These are best times to ask questions on related topics thus increasing your scope and familiarizing yourself better with the subject matter. One positive altitude encouraged by all teachers were to join in and practice these examples working as a group and including different real life situations binding theoretical and practical work together. I could not hesitate to mentioned “how appreciative we were and at times, thanking the teachers for their time going through practicals, which were part of the lessons and an expectation expected from them, by parents” said Roo to Kango. Kango said, “we could join the others play fresbies, before the bus shows up, that way we’ll not be idle waiting for the bus else we might play dodge ball.” We have an hour to go, getting on different sides of the teams would keep the numbers even on both sides. By time we noticed it was about time to leave. “Here goes the bus,” called out Vixaya “who was standing at the moment with our other friends by the bus stop to Kango and Roo that we’ll about leave.” We all rushed, cued up and enter the bus. The ride was not that far but had to go through the highway before getting back into our neighborhood. In the bus, we talked and catch up on different activities going on at school or what we”ll do when we get home. There was always studies and games to play either indoors or outside depending on the weather. Coming up with characters and scripting their lines could be interesting at times. Generating statistical reports from findings or collecting series of numbers and the variances, one could easily derive coordinates to represent their occurence (concurrence).
      At times we could have multiple tuplets of information in the power of 4 or 6 and these cases, it’s appropriate to them down into two or three coordinates in order to easily plot them out. Their sequence would fall in (x,y) or (x,y,z) which is not all that complicated to handle.

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